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Instagram is popular because of its great features and unique ideas that lure users to make Instagram as one of the most used social media platforms. With millions of active users engage on Instagram on a daily basis, security isn’t something to be ignored. You may have faced problems while trying to open InstaDP in its full size or restrictions to download the images. However, this has also created issues for users trying to find their friends on Instagram

Do you think searching for profiles on Instagram is very challenging because of the small profile pictures that do not enlarge to its actual size? You are not the only one. Most of us feel daunted when trying to look for a profile and instead end up giving our eyes a difficult time.

If you are looking for a solution, try this website. Pingato was created to help users find their friends on Instagram by letting them see the actual size profile picture. You can easily browse for the username from the Instagram profile and search for the same on Pingato to check the full size profile picture of the user. It is as easy as it sounds.

Why Pingato?

Pingato is a solution to the restriction Instagram poses on its users’ search and download rights. It helps avoid confusion while searching for a profile on Instagram. Hasn’t it happened: while you were trying to follow your friend, you may have sent the request to someone else? While checking the feed, you may feel suspicious when come across updates from an unknown profile.

To eliminate such confusion and to make sure that you follow the right user as intended, Pingato has created this website for providing you with the actual size profile picture. You can even download these pictures if you wish.

Moreover, Pingato will also help you find out who sent you the follow request on Instagram. Are your follow requests sitting idle because you cannot clearly see the person in the user’s profile picture? If that is the case, why not check the picture with clarity on Pingato and get to know who wants to follow you before accepting the request.

You can always make an informed decision away from all misunderstanding when using Pingato. This online tool can sort out all the problems related to Instagram in no time.

How to View Instagram Profile Picture Full Size?

It is as easy as a piece of cake. You do not need to be an expert hacker to get to the bottom of the problem. Instead of feeling lost between the choices of follow or not to follow, you can turn on to Pingato for finding the real user behind that small and unclear profile picture on the Instagram app.

To do so, all you need to do is check the profile on Instagram and copy the username of the profile. Search for the username on Pingato search bar. You will see the full size InstaDP of the user with posts and followers number details.

Pingato lets you download Instagram profile picture full size as well. Click on the download full size picture and you can save the picture on your mobile or laptop.

Isn’t that easy? A lot. With just few clicks, you can check and download the images on your personal laptop or mobile without any hassle.

You can search for as many users as you like. And, take decision based on whom you know or would like to know.

How about downloading the picture of your crush without even bothering about the restrictions on Instagram? If it is that easy, who wouldn’t like to know how to use Pingato?

What to Expect?

Pingato will help you find out the faces behind the usernames. It will let you explore the unclear and small profile images with poor quality into a large sized picture. Pingato won’t allow you to check the password or hack into anyone’s profile. It is a safe tool designed to help users find people on Instagram.

You can simply check the profile image to see if you know the person or not. At most, you can download their images. We expect you to use the information with utmost responsibility.

To view full size Instagram profile picture and to download InstaDP, use Pingato.